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What to Pack in your Disney Bag

Jan 19, 2017
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Spending all this time talking about planning a Disney trip has made me realize that we sometimes forget about all the stuff that we should (and shouldn’t) drag around with us while in the parks. Deciding what goes in your Disney bag is important!

Let’s keep things simple with a “What’s in the Bag” for when you’re planning a single day in the parks at Walt Disney World.

Magic Bands

This is a given, as all of your information is connected to your Magic Bands! Don’t leave these behind as everyone in your party will need them at all times (FastPass+ reservations, etc). Take a photo of the back of the MBs just in case something happens with them.

Want to know what’s new with Magic Bands since the last time you’ve been to the parks? Check out the New MagicBand 2 Coming to Walt Disney World Resort!

Photo ID

Do you want an adult beverage in the parks? Well, you’ll need to prove that you’re over 21. It’s also a great backup just in case the biometric system goes down at the turnstiles.

Smart Phone

Ok, so this is an easy one. With everything on your phone, it’s easy to be prepared. Don’t leave it behind in the hotel room, as you can turn off data (if you’re traveling from out of the USA) and still be able to use the Disney Wi-Fi in the parks, resorts, and Disney Springs.

Want to know what apps to download before your trip? Read our article on the Best Apps for Disney Trip Planning.

External Battery (Fuel Rods)

Remember how I mentioned that you can use Wi-Fi in the parks? Well, that kinda drains your battery…so make sure that you have a system. We’re HUGE fans of FuelRods, so do a little research on them out before your trip! If you want to arrive prepared we recommend picking up this external battery pack.

Camera (Optional)

I would bring my DSLR camera during the day, and leave it in the room during the evening trips to the parks. Why? My LG G4 takes adequate photos in manual mode…so why carry around more than you really need to. Yes it’s a great backup, but carrying too many bags will definitely slow you down (and give you a giant sweat spot on your back!)


Remember, you’re in Florida. Make sure it’s waterproof and re-apply twice a day (at least)…because sunburns are annoying! I have been there, you do not want to be the person with the glowing red skin that can’t sit, walk or move wihtout being in pain. Just in case you may want to throw some aloe in your suitcase. It will help your sunburns heal faster and relieve some of that pain.

Chapstick / Lip Balm

Florida = sun burns. Protect your lips and you’ll be fine! This also goes into the next item…

Water Bottle (Bring it Empty)

Stay hydrated at all times. If you bring along an empty water bottle, you can fill up throughout the day at Quick Service locations and just a fun note…Starbucks gives you free water if you go in and ask for it.

**Bonus Tip** Bring drink crystals (like lemonade or iced tea) to make regular water a little more exciting!


It’s Florida…so even when the sun isn’t directly on you…you’re still dealing with glare. Bring cheap ones, as the first time you bring expensive ones…you’ll leave them in the carry-on net on Expedition Everest (true story!)


This is a must! It’ll rain in Florida…not maybe…not kinda…it will rain and you will get wet. Plan for it. It’ll happen. Go to the dollar store and get a poncho per person per three/four days. If you’re there for a week, get two per person and throw one out half way through your trip. A poncho in the park will run you about $13/adult…so just save that money for a couple of Dole Whips and you’ll be happy:)

Ziplock Bags

Put a box in your luggage. They’re great for keeping things dry, especially when you want to go on Splash Mountain and don’t want to get your phone wet. Remember…it gets wet in Florida and you really don’t want your wallet to be soaked! I just keep this power packed box of baggies in the house so I never run out of organization options!

Mini First Aid Kit (Bandaids, Tylenol, Medical Tape)

Great for headaches, sore feet and other things that may come up. We had to do this because our shoes got SOAKED during a rainstorm on the first day of our trip and I got a serious blister that I wasn’t at all expecting! Huge points for prep!

Pennies & Quarters

One of the best “hidden souvenirs” in WDW are the Pressed Penny machines. They’re everywhere and with tons of designs…it’s a great game to try to collect them all!


Four Ziplock bags to sort your pins: Two bags to bring with you (traders and already traded) and Two bags for the hotel (traders and already traded) Easy:)

Read our article on the Best Pin Trading at Walt Disney World for inspiration!

Autograph Book & Sharpie

Even if you don’t plan on meeting characters, it’s always fun to have something for spontaneous meetings with Mickey! Why a sharpie? Because it looks GREAT!

Snack (Granola Bars)

Even if you’re on the Disney Dining Plan, you’re gonna feel a little snack-ish sometimes. We’re a huge fan of ordering a couple snacks from Walmart.com and have them shipped and ready for your arrival…but anything to keep your energy up is incredibly important.


Remember that it’s Florida…and we all get a little sweaty. Keep your hygiene on top of your mind as you’re walking through the summer heat in the Animal Kingdom and re-apply mid-day!

Extra Shirt

While you’re re-applying deodorant, it may be worth switching up your shirt too. Not just because it’s probably soaked with sweat…but having different shirts in your PhotoPass images is actually a great idea!

Remember that we have our own special line of Tees at TeePublic! 

Wallet (and No Canadian Coins)

Money for tips & Dole Whips, Identification and a card that you may want to create with important information if your phone dies. Oh, and coins…don’t mix up your currencies. Disney Cast Members are trained, but even they can’t resist giving a little laugh at Canadian “monopoly” money;)

Learn the BEST things to pack inside of your bag to bring into the Disney World parks.

Learn the BEST things to pack inside of your bag to bring into the Disney World parks.

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