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DIY Make your own Russell and Kevin Costume from UP


This Halloween I was on the hunt for the perfect couple’s costume for Chris and I. Last year, we opted to go to Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party dressed as ourselves and that turned out to be boring. There were so many people dressed up in cool costumes at the party we knew next year we were going to do something. I ended up choosing Kevin and Russell from the Pixar movie Up. It looked easy enough to put together and there were lots of great resources out there to guide me in the right direction for putting this whole thing together.

How to Make the Costumes:


Kevin and Russell Costumes side by side look.


Everyone’s favorite, chocolate loving bird! The biggest shock to every Disney cast member at the party? Kevin turned out to be a girl!

For Kevin’s top, I simply went out and purchase a royal blue shirt that was in my size. Since I knew it was going to be really hot still here in Florida I opted for a short sleeve but it’s really up to you.

The next easiest thing for this costume was the feather headband. At Joann’s you can pick up a plain headband in solid colors. I choose purple and attached a few large feathers to the top of it with lots of hot glue.

The skirt for Kevin I sewed myself. However, I did spot some rainbow tulle skirts on eBay if you aren’t up for a small sewing project. You will need about 1″ wide elastic for the band or larger if you like. The wider the elastic, the more comfortable the band. You will need 1 yard of tulle for each band of color you want to add to your skirt. I had four different colors in mine but there is nothing that says you can’t add in some more!


Supplies needed to make the skirt for Kevin costume.

Next, you will need to cut 4.5″ strips of each color. Cut the fabric until you run out of fabric. Once you have your strips cut then you need to sew 3 to 4 together to make a longer piece. You want about 4 to 5 times the length of the circumference of the skirt you are sewing around to get the extra ruffle and fluff. The longer your pieces are the more ruffle you will get.


Sew a basting stitch along the edge of each strip of fabric.

Once you have all your long strips sewn together you will need to run a basting stitch down each end. A basting stitch is basically a really loose stitch so you can ruffle all the layers of tulle. I ruffled until it fit around my base skirt. Then I simply just ran a stitch to attach the bands from the top of the skirt down.


A closeup of the Kevin skirt.


I really loved making this one and it was a lot simpler compared to assembling the Kevin costume. You will need a plain basic yellow shirt and a solid yellow hat. Both of these items I just ordered off of Amazon. In addition, I went to Joann’s and picked up a yard of brown felt for the sash and then some smaller precut squares in orange for the Wilderness Explorers logo I was going to add to the shirt and hat. The last but not least you will need to pick up transfer paper for the badges as well as a pack of 50 felt furniture stoppers. I used 1″ inch wide ones but I wish I had splurged for the ones that were a little wider.


Iron-on Wilderness Explorer badges that were transferred onto felt furniture pads.

You can get the prints of the badges I used here (already reversed for transfer paper) –


Fits 8.5″ x 11″ and it comes reversed for transfer paper. This has also been scaled down for 1″ felt furniture stoppers.

Heat up your iron! Then apply the badges to your felt stoppers. These felt stoppers are peel and stick but we chose to hot glue them to the sash for extra security. We referenced a picture we found on the internet for the correct order of badges. Don’t forget to leave an empty spot for the missing badge.

So we hope this helps you on your quest to make the perfect Up costume. Be sure to share your finished costumes if you do!


Step by step how to make your own couples Halloween Costume. Kevin and Russell costume from Pixar’s Up!

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