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20 Ways to have an Awesome Adult Only Disney World Trip

Feb 10, 2017
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Have you ever thought that Walt Disney World is only for the families and kids? Well we have a few ideas for you!

When you think about a visit to the WDW resort, the first thing that goes through your head are images of kids holding hands with Mickey as they skip through the Castle, or a young girl dressed like a princess giving Belle a hug…but there’s more to the marketing machine of Disney!

It’s not our role to tell you how to plan a vacation to the happiest place on earth, but sometimes you need an Adults-Only trip to really clear your head and wear your Mickey Ears proudly!

Here are 20 tips for an EPIC Adult Only Trip to Walt Disney World

  1. Start Early – Like super early!
    Why sleep in when you can be productive first-thing in the morning and not have to deal with families and kids?
  2. Go for ice cream at 11pm or midnight, because you’re an adult!
    Have you heard of the Kitchen Sink at Beaches and Cream? Just do it;)
  3. Get a breakfast cupcake…because you’re an adult!
    There’s nothing better than walking down Main Street USA with a cupcake, knowing that there is no judgement required.
  4. Naps….because you’re an adult and you need them!
    Self-explanatory, but when you’re feeling a little sleepy in the middle of the day, why not go and take a little cat-nap and be refreshed for the evening of fun?
  5. Don’t waste time at the resort in the morning – too many kids
    This is evident if you go for an early trip to fill up your refillable mug, but the families take over the quick service locations and food courts! While they’re still at the resort, you can be on your way to the parks for a little early morning adventuring!
  6. Don’t waste a credit on a breakfast – because why bother?
    Besides, there are times when you can plan a buffet at Tusker House @ 11am and get the last bit of breakfast and the first servings of lunch. Best of both worlds!
  7. Eat when you’re hungry, but plan to eat off-hours
    Lunch @ 11am and Dinner @ 4pm OR snack at 10am, Lunch @ 2pm and dinner @ 630-7pm
  8. Organize your FastPass+ reservations to be consecutive in the morning
    You don’t have to worry about strollers and convincing others to get up early…so why not use your skills to get everything done by 10am! See our guides here: EPCOT and Magic Kingdom
  9. Use the Package Delivery Service
    Your arms are meant to carry Dole Whips and NOT bags of purchases. Send them back to the resort and you’ll be happy! 
  10. Photos early when you still look fresh and the PhotoPass Photographers aren’t really awake yet
    The photographers get into a groove in mid-morning, which means you’ll get the same poses all afternoon long. If you start early, the Cast Members are still adventurous and in a good mood:)
  11. If you can’t get into a restaurant for a Table Service Meal, ask to sit at the lounge/bar. You’ll get the same menu without the reservations!
    This is a great way to eat the best food on property without worrying about reservations. Try it!
  12. Pin trade, because it’s not just for kids! AND kids will usually trade some awesome pins without even knowing it;)
    We love pin trading! 
  13. Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom is a fun activity for adults too!
    You’ll get a few looks from parents, but really…who cares. The Magic Kingdom is all about having a memorable experience, and sometimes playing a card game that focuses on preventing the villains from doing bad stuff is fun!
  14. Ask to ride in the front/back row of the major attractions, because it’ll change your experience!
    Front row on Rock n Rollercoaster and Back row on Expedition Everest. You’ll thank me after your trip!
  15. Bring something to do when you’re in lines or waiting for reservations.
    This may include updating your Instagram (@howtoMCO btw), checking for Hidden Mickeys or thinking about the next Dole Whip that you’re going to get.
  16. Get a lot of Dole Whips! (Tag us in your photos @HowToMCO!)
    We’ll be jealous, but will definitely give you a like and comment about how you should have got us one too! 😉
  17. Be spontaneous!
    Don’t worry about not getting to meet every character or ride every attraction. If there’s a huge line, move on to the next activity and don’t sweat the small stuff!
  18. Eat at Resorts, because not only is it great for food, it’s also really fun to explore some of the buildings and be all “I’m an adult”
  19. Talk to the cast members and ask for their recommendations and hidden gems, because they’re always happy to share some insider tips on where to go and where NOT to go!
  20. Don’t eat at Chef Mickeys, T-Rex, Akerhaus or Crystal Palace…because you don’t need that kind of stress in your life. You can still meet the characters at Tusker House and get a great meal at the same time.And our Bonus Tip
  21. A reservation for Victoria and Alberts is your goal for the trip! It’s worth the splurge price and without kids, you really won’t have to worry about picky eaters. See our list! 

Did we miss anything that you think we should add? Let us know in the comments!!

Have you ever thought that Walt Disney World is only for the families and kids? Well we have a few ideas for you!

Have you ever thought that Walt Disney World is only for the families and kids? Well we have a few ideas for you!

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