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20 Things First Time Disney Visitors Don’t Know

Feb 09, 2017
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“If you had to offer a first time visitor just one tip before they arrived, what would it be?” This list is packed with 20 things that we wished someone would have told us before our first trip to Walt Disney World!

(In no particular order, although the first one does involve the possibility of getting more Dole Whips!) 

Don’t Pay for Water

Bring an empty water bottle to the parks and fill it up at Quick Service locations…or at Starbucks! Don’t pay $3+ for bottled water when you can spend that towards getting a Dole Whip!

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See it! Like it? Buy It!

The number of times that you see something that you really want and think “oh, I’ll get it tomorrow”…and then it’s gone or even worse when your size is sold out! It’s a horrible feeling that I’ve had so many times that it’s time that I share my secret….just buy it. You’ll thank yourself later 🙂

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Staying on Property has Perks!

When you stay at a Walt Disney World resort, you will pay more. BUT with that price comes a number of perks that are exclusive to resort guests like complimentary transportation, Extra Magic Hours and extra days in advance of your vacation to make Advance Dining or FastPass+ Reservations.

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Resort 101 – Don’t Overpay

Are you planning for 16-18 hours in the parks and just need a bed at the end of the day? Well staying at the Polynesian Village Resort will be wasting money (sorry to be honest), as you’ll get more bang for your buck at a value resort like Pop Century!

All Star Resort Tip

If you can’t get into Pop Century and have to end up at the All-Star resorts, be prepared with an alternate plan just in case the transportation system is against you. During off-peak season, the THREE resorts are all serviced by ONE bus line and it gets crowded quickly. We suggest Uber-ing from the closest possible park if you get stuck in that situation.

Disney Bus System will Take Exponentially Longer than you Think

When you first go to Walt Disney World and plan to go from your resort to the Magic Kingdom, be prepared on how long it’ll ACTUALLY take. Maybe you’ll miss the first bus because there’s a cheerleading squad ahead of you…or a Brazilian tour group. Be patient and take it all in. Remember that you’re in Disney World!!

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Make your Dining Reservations in advance!

This by far is the best tip that we can share because first-timers don’t know just how popular some of the Table Service restaurants really are.

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Grab your spot early for Fireworks and Parades

Want to see a parade or a fireworks performance? Get there early…because you don’t want to miss out in a great spot for Illuminations (head to the Italy Pavilion), Magic Kingdom Nighttime Spectacular (Train Station) because being stuck in crowds just isn’t magical!

There’s only one Mickey!

Within the community, the topic of Character Integrity comes up regularly and it’s incredibly important. First-time guests may not become aware of what their words mean until they see the first kid in tears after hearing their parents try to explain why Mickey has to go away for a “cheese” snack.

How can you explain that guests can meet Mickey at every park? Well, how long does it take for you to go from the Magic Kingdom to EPCOT…well does Mickey have to find parking or wait for the Disney Bus? 😉

Talk to the Cast Members

You may feel stupid asking “What time is the 3 o’clock parade”, but a Cast Member will never laugh or judge you for an honest question. They’ll answer to the best of their ability, usually by asking a follow-up question and then providing the best possible explanation as to why you should get your spot at around 245pm if you’re in Frontierland, 3pm if you’re in the Hub or 315pm if you’re by the Train Station on Main Street USA.

Never be afraid! Disney Cast Members will always be there for you to help you enhance your Disney vacation.

No Gum

Are you a gum-chewer? Well in keeping with the cleanliness of the Disney brand, you won’t be able to find Juicy Fruit (or any brand) sold on property. If you really want to partake in this yucky habit (haha, sorry had to…because I love gum!) you’ll have to grab it at the airport, stock up before the trip, or at the Orlando Premium Outlets!

Character Wake-Up Calls

Want to be fully engulfed up in Disney Magic? Well, imagine getting a wake-up-call from a character? You can request to have this amazingly hilarious extra perk happen as many times as you’d like when you’re staying on Disney Property.

Child Swap #1

Want to ride Expedition Everest but your little one hasn’t reached full height? Well, you can tell the Cast Member at any attraction that you’d like to do a Rider Switch. They’ll present you with a paper pass so that after you ride, you can hand it to the other half of your group so that they can ride without waiting in the line all over again.

Child Swap #2

Do you have a kid who’s excited to go on Splash Mountain and one that’s scared of that 60ft drop? Well, you can have the child that wants to actually ride it…go twice! One with either parent:)

Pin Trading with Cast Members

Trading is a ton of fun! How do you do it? Either buy a pin set at DisneyStore.com or on eBay and then go on your adventure. Every guest has a strategy or collection that they want to get…and to each their own!

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Take Time to Enjoy the Magic

We are so focused on getting every possible second out of the trip that we’ve forgotten to plan something so basic – To Sit back and Enjoy!

What does this mean? Well if you see an empty bench…sit down for a few minutes and just people-watch. It’ll be so much more impactful if you take it all in while you’re in the moment vs thinking after that you should have.

Wear Comfortable Shoes

Don’t buy shoes the week before and think that you’re not going to HURT bad within a few days of walking 15k-25k steps! Just don’t do it… Looking for recommendations? Check out our Top 5 Best Shoes to Wear at Walt Disney World!

Get to the parks EARLY

Sleep is for the weak;) You want to beat the crowds and then when it’s the midday heat (because it’s gonna get hot!), head back to the hotel for a nice shower and nap before hitting the parks again for the evening.

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Plan something off-property

Yes, you’re going to Walt Disney World for a vacation, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy attractions and activities off-property. This may mean a day at Universal Orlando for the Wizarding World of Harry Potter…or a trip to the Orlando Premium Outlets. There are a ton of great activities within a short drive (Uber, rideshare, shuttle) of the Disney resorts.

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Disney-Blues after the trip

We spend weeks and months planning a trip and sometimes years saving up to go to Walt Disney World…and then in a blink of an eye…it’s over. We call it the “Disney Blues”, but don’t worry because you’re not alone. The best way of getting through it? Well…besides stopping by HowToMCO.com and reading some of the fun that we’re having is to plan your next trip!


Make sure you pack your bag right! Read 20 Items to Buy Online Before Your Next Disney Trip so you have everything you need for a sucessful trip. Order your very own FREE Disney Vacation Planning Videos! To get your own copy head over here! And be sure to read all of our 110 Disney World Trip Planning Tips & Tricks!

“If you had to offer a first time visitor just one tip before they arrived, what would it be?” This list is packed with 20 things that we wished someone would have told us before our first trip to Walt Disney World!

“If you had to offer a first time visitor just one tip before they arrived, what would it be?” This list is packed with 20 things that we wished someone would have told us before our first trip to Walt Disney World!

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  1. FYI you cannot buy gum at Orlando International Airport so if you are a gum chewer, or if you need gum to clear your ears when you fly, stock up before you leave home!

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